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Down Payment Assistance Florida 

How to qualify for FREE down payment money & grants 

New 2014 – $10,000 Florida Down Payment programs and First Time Home Buyer Programs

Here are the top down payment assistance programs and first time home buyer programs available in Florida. We offer this info totally free to you as a service to our local community. If you would like to learn more or get qualified for any of these programs, please feel free to contact us.


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It’s Simple, Free and your Client’s will Love you for offering these programs.

Many of these programs are available throughout the entire state of Florida.

Please call 305-570-7529 to check availability in your area.

View Florida Income Limits Here >>>


2014 Conventional Florida Housing Finance Authority (HFA) Down Payment Assistance Program


    • First Time Home Buyer or haven’t owned a property for at least 3 years
    • $10,000 Florida Down Payment Assistance (http://floridadownpaymentassistance.com/) can be used for down payment, Buyers mortgage closing costs, or split mortgage insurance premium to lower mortgage insurance cost
    • Credit score 640 minimum for 95% LTV or less – 680 credit score required for 95%-97% LTV
    • Maximum LTV 97%- 105% CLTV
    • Minimum contribution from Buyer is Earnest Monet deposit on the home and  appraisal cost.
    • 1 unit only – SFR or Townhouse No condos or manufactured homes
    • No household income limitation- Only Applicant income for qualification purposes
    • 45% debt to income ratio or less
    • Lower mortgage insurance rates for Borrower on Conventional program
    • Seller contribution 3% maximum towards Buyers closing costs
    • Non- traditional credit accepted in some circumstances
    • Must pay back $10,000, 0% loan when home is sold or refinanced within 30 years
    • 30 year Fixed rate only
    • Single Family Residences and town houses only
    • Purchase only No- construction to Perm loans
    • Purchase price limits determined by county median income limits
    • Owner Occupants only-No Investors
    • 8 hour face to face Buyer education required
    • Florida e-housing fee’s $225 compliance fee + $200 Florida funding fee + $85 tax service fee
    • Fannie Mae guide lines apply
    • Co-Signors not permitted
    • 0% interest rate / $10,000 Down Payment assistance is payable upon any of the following conditions.
    The FL Assist offers a 30 year, fixed, deferred but accelerated upon any of the following – the sale, transfer or other disposition of the property (including involuntary transfer by or as a result of foreclosure or judicial sale or operation of law), refinance or satisfaction of the FL HFA Preferred first mortgage loan. The FL Assist is repayable and is NOT forgiven.


2014 FHA Florida Housing First Time Homebuyer (FTHB) Down Payment Assistance Bond Program

  • 30-year, fixed-rate first mortgage loans originated by trained and approved lenders throughout the State of Florida. The program is offered to all borrowers who meet income, purchase price and other program guidelines, and can otherwise qualify for a loan. Borrowers who qualify for this first mortgage program are automatically qualified for one of Florida Housing’s down payment assistance programs.
  • The assistance comes in the form of a 0% interest or low, fixed-rate second mortgage. Only one Florida Housing down payment program can be used by the borrower and only in conjunction with the FTHB program first mortgage products.
  • The DPA loan is repaid if the homebuyer sells the home, transfers ownership, satisfies or refinances the first mortgage, or ceases to occupy the home. This program targets applicants whose incomes are at or below 100% of the area median income (AMI), adjusted for family size.
  • Advantages to Florida Assist and First Mortgage program for First Time Homebuyers or Borrowers who have not owned a home in the last 3 years.
  • Receive up to $10,000 in Florida bond money with no monthly payment required
  • Do NOT have to pay Intangible Tax or Documentation Stamps (savings of approximately .05% of loan amount)
  • Interest Free Loan up to $10,000 for Florida Down Payment Assistance
  • Minimum Funds from Buyer of $1000.00 to Close on Home
  • Minimum 640 FICO credit score to qualify
  • 45% DTI or less
  • Low fixed mortgage interest rates
  • Borrower hasn’t owned a home for at least 3 years
  • Can purchase new or resale homes
  • Florida First & Military Heroes offers a first mortgage program for active Military and Veterans. This program offers a lower than market rate.
  • 8 hour Mortgage Counseling course required
  • No Bankruptcies in last 2 years and no foreclosure last 3 years
  • Primary Residences only
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early


Dream 100- 100% Mortgage Financing

  • Occupancy: Owner Occupant only – Primary Residence
  • NO First Time Homeowner requirement
  • No Mortgage Insurance:  slightly higher 30 year fixed rate than FHA but overall smaller payment  beneficial to Borrower when compared to FHA + MI or Conventional + PMI
  • Single Family: Attached or Detached – Modular or Warrantable Condos allowed
  • Property States: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina
  • Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens/Permanent Resident Aliens – The Borrower may not have any ownership interest in any other type of property.
  • Buyer must at least $500 in transaction, may come from gift from family, grant or non-profit
  • Seller Contributions: Up to 4% (includes Builders)
  • Subordinate Financing (Down Payment Assistance) permitted only through Affordable Housing Agencies, Non-Profit Groups or Local Government Agencies that are approved.
  • Repair Escrows: NOT permitted on HUD home purchases or any other properties
  • Credit restrictions: Minimum 680 middle FICO, No Bankruptcies or Foreclosures ever, 4 trade lines with no lates in last 12 months, No NSF’s in last 3 months, Non-traditional credit not allowed.
  • Documentation: 33/41 Ratio’s, Income must be supported by paystubs and 2 year history of continuous employment.
  • Income restrictions: Income limits do NOT apply for Borrowers purchasing in low to moderate income census tracts – Income limits DO apply to Borrowers purchasing in middle to upper income census tracts (those limits are: income must be 80% or less than median family income for county). Call 305-570-7529 for clarification on address.
  • Refinances: Not permitted.
  • Buyers Education:A) HUD Approved Counseling Agency or B) Genworth Homebuyer Education or 3) FDIC Smart Money Online Program – required modules for Smart Money Online are (1) Borrowing Basics (2) Money Matters (3) To Your Credit (4) Your Own Home.

Program subject to change, Realtors & Borrowers please call 305-570-7529 for program guideline confirmation.


Federal Home Loan Bank Down Payment Assistance Grant

  • Provides 4:1 matching funds up to $5,000 for Borrowers not involved in the occupations below
  • Provides 4:1 matching funds up to $7,500 for those involved in Public Safety, Medical, or Education
  • Buyer must be First Time Homebuyer or hasn’t owned a home in 3 years
  • Primary Residences only
  • Maximum purchase price not to exceed  the FHA limits in the counties being considered
  • Income must be at or under 80% of the HUD Median Income
  • 1 hours Mortgage Counseling conversation required
  • No Bankruptcies in last 2 years and no foreclosure last 3 years
  • Maybe combined with VA Loans written by same Lender
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early

USDA / Rural Development Loans

  • Provides up to 102% financing in participating Florida Counties
  • Buyer does not need to be 1st time Home Buyer
  • Higher Income Limits than typical state or county programs
  • Maximum purchase price of FHA limits in area purchased (please consult with Ameris bank for maximum allowable purchase price)
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early

VA Loans

  • No down payment as long as the sales price doesn’t exceed the appraised value
  • No First Time Homeowner required
  • No private mortgage insurance premium requirement.
  • VA rules limit the amount you can be charged for closing costs.
  • Closing costs may be paid by the seller.
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early
  • VA may be able to provide you some assistance if you run into difficulty making payments
  • You can reuse the benefit.
  • VA-backed loans are assumable, as long as the person assuming the loan qualifies.
  • Must have Certificate of Eligibility
  • Primary Residences only

 Quick & Easy : Click Here  to select up to $10,000 for down payment assistance

View Florida Income Limits Here >>>

NOTICE:  This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit.  Restrictions may apply.  Information and/or data is subject to change without notice.  All loans are subject to credit approval.  Not all loans or products are available in all states/counties.