We are currently open for business and providing down payment assistance as usual. Real estate, Lending and Closing services are all considered essential services and will remain open.

If we can help, please let us know!

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Answers (to know) for First Time Home Buyers

• How much escrow deposit is required?

• What are the taxes on the home? How are they calculated?

• Who provides Homeowner's Insurance on our homes?

• How much does Homeowner's Insurance cost?

• How much is the CDD assessment? How much is pre-paid by the customer at closing?

• How are CDD payments collected?

• What is the minimum income necessary to qualify for our homes with a minimum down payment?

• How does the lender determine if I can qualify?

• What happens if I have ever been bankrupt?

• What happens if I have no credit?

• If I change my mind, do I get my earnest money back?